Mission and vision

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality education for every child entrusted to our care within a framework of Christian values, positive attitudes and caring citizenship so that each child can develop a love of learning and achieve his or her potential 

Our Vision

To be a school of choice where, through the pursuit of excellence and embodiment of Christian values, everyone within the school community is inspired to give of their best

Our Core Values: Fellowship, Friendship and Hope


  • Develop respect for self and others/caring and sharing
  • To have children who insist on coming to school every day
  • To be welcoming to all new stakeholders and visitor


  • Respecting /understanding of other religions
  • Collaboration with other schools/staffing, pupils, expenses, buildings etc
  • Support/inclusion/involvement/ with parents – good home/school links


  • To develop outstanding teachers and support staff through CPD, nurture, support and challenge.
  • To have learners and stakeholders who give of their best, understanding the value of effort
  • Develop pupils who strive for academic, creative, sporting and personal accomplishments
  • To immerse our children in a wide range of life experiences, both within and outside of the core curriculum
  • A building and grounds  fit for purpose/ growth and change

Our Aims:

  • Provide a happy, safe, caring and exciting learning environment where all members of the school community can grow in confidence and are inspired and enabled to reach their full potential
  • Provide children with a secure and stimulating learning environment where they feel nurtured and will be eager to take responsibility to learn and achieve their best
  • Inspire a lifetime love of learning and encourage all children to raise their levels of aspiration and achievement
  • Provide an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all children and enables them to enjoy and achieve success
  • Set high expectations for standards of work and behaviour throughout the school and to celebrate and reward achievement Develop each child’s spiritual awareness within a framework of Christian values whilst recognising and respecting other faiths and cultures in our school
  • Nurture and promote positive relationships with and between all members of the school family and the wider community
  • Ensure children in year 6 leave school adequately equipped with the knowledge, skills, values and confidence to participate fully in secondary education

Our Approach:

  • A school-wide focus on accelerating progress and learning, assisted by targeted interventions and support such that every child is enabled to reach their age-related expectations as quickly as possible after starting school (and to consistently maintain or exceed this level thereafter)
  • Enhancing our leadership and operational capacity through professional development and collaboration with other schools to achieve the skills base and resource capability to realise our Vision
  • Working together to create a place founded on Christian values where children learn respect for themselves and others  and are valued for their individuality and diversity
  • Children, parents, staff and governors working actively in partnership to encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning and develop a sense of self-worth
  • Fostering a healthy lifestyle through provision of a diverse range of experiences and extra-curricular activities linked to improving social, physical and emotional well-being
  • Ensuring that equality of opportunity applies to all aspects of our school life, regardless of gender, ethnicity, additional needs and beliefs