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All Saints CoE Primary School, Farnworth  – Governing Board Appointments & Register of Interests

Governor Appointment Information Register of Interest
Governor Full Name Date of (Re)Appointment Term of Office (years) Date  Ceased Office (if applicable) Appointing / Elective Body Relevant Business  or Pecuniary Interests Other Educational Establishments Governed Material Relationships (with staff or governors)
Anthony Slack (Chair) 12th October 2016 4 St John’s, Farnworth PCC Walmsley CEP (Chair)
Christine Jones 15th November 2014 4 Diocesan Board of Education
Revd Carol Pharaoh 16th March 2009 n/a “Ex officio”

(Minister of Parish)

St John’s CEP, Kearsley
Kim McIntyre 11th May 2015 4 St John’s, Farnworth PCC
Dorothy McGlynn 2nd July 2015 4 St John’s, Farnworth PCC St John’s CEP, Kearsley;

St James CE High School

Dr Steven Mann 11th May 2015 4 St John’s, Farnworth PCC Paper Classroom
John Bradbury 1st September 2015 4 St John’s, Farnworth PCC TLG, Bolton
VACANCY St John’s, Farnworth PCC
Shanez  Arshad 4 Parents
Sumrin Nasir 7th November 2016 4 Parents
Aidan Meagan 1st August 2014 4 Bolton MBC
Sylvia Oakes 1st September 2015 4 All Saints Governing Board Rivington & Blackrod High School; Ladybridge High School
Katie Hague 1st May 2014 n/a “Ex Officio” (Headteacher)
Helen Bullock 1st September 2015 4 Staff
Jennifer Begum 7th November 2016 4 Associate member All Saints Governing Board


Last Updated On September 21, 2018