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All Saints CoE Primary School, Farnworth – Governing Board Introduction

Constitution of the Governing Board

Our Constitution makes provision for 14 Governors. There are different types of Governor linked to who has appointed/elected them. As we are a Church of England Voluntary Aided (VA) school, the Foundation Governors are the largest group:

 The Foundation Governors (8 in total) are appointed by St John’s Church PCC or by the Diocesan Board of Education. The Vicar of the Parish is an “ex-officio” Foundation Governor.
 There is 1 LA Governor – who is appointed by the Local Authority in Bolton.
 There are 2 Parent Governors – who are elected by the parents of the children who attend our school.
 There is 1 Staff Governor – who is elected by the staff.
 There is 1 Co-opted Governor – who is appointed by the Governing Body to contribute particular skills/experience
 The Headteacher is also an “ex-officio” governor.

The Strategic Role and working arrangements of the Governing Board

The Governing Board primarily has a strategic role – underpinned by a collective responsibility to act in the best interests of the children in the school and to ensure that they are able to achieve to the best of their ability. The different types of Governor may provide different perspectives – and have a range of skills and experience – but all work collaboratively to support the school and ensure it is effective and successful.

The three core functions of the Governing Board are to:
1. Set a clear Vision, Ethos and Strategic Direction for the school
2. Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of
3. Oversee the Financial performance of the school and ensuring its money is well spent

Foundation Governors have a specific additional responsibility to ensure that
• Christian values are at the heart of school life
• The distinctive character of All Saints as a Church of England school is preserved and developed

The full Governing Board meets once each term – but much of the regular workload is managed through two working committees:
• Resources – which deals with HR/Personnel, Finance and Premises matters
• School Effectiveness – which deals all teaching and learning matters, together with inclusion, pupil welfare and related matters.

We also have an Admissions committee which meets annually to review the list of applicants for the following September and to prioritise these (as necessary) in accordance with the school’s Admissions Policy.

Details of the Board and Committee membership, special responsibilities and attendance records are provided in the separate documents in the “Governor section”

Last Updated On September 21, 2018